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        Contact us: 0535-5962111 

                Penglai Kelong polyurethane equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of polyurethane foaming equipment, we started from 1984 with the German Claus Murphy ( KraussMaffei ), Italy KANGLONG ( CANNON ) and the German Henneki ( HENNECKE ) high pressure foaming machine and other foreign companies as the sample machine, in use, digestion, the development of domestic high pressure foaming machine, 1987 take the lead in the establishment of " Italy KANGLONG companies of domestic equipment user group " organization, communication, promotion, high pressure foaming machine parts in China, the supply of the domestic refrigerator factory, interior decoration factory more than 50 manufacturers of high pressure foaming machine accessories, founded in 1996, Penglai Kelon polyurethane equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in the development, manufacture, foaming machine sales.

                We provide all kinds of polyurethane processing equipment, to provide technical services, technical advice, technical training, provide installation and repair services. The equipment can provide suitable for foaming agent for the various. We can provide high performance for the allocation of production line of high pressure foaming reaction system, metering equipment, pentane premixing device, mold and rotary production line by the frame composition, the mixing head and the manipulator. All kinds of high pressure foaming equipment produced by our company are widely used in every field of exterior interior trim parts, refrigerator, heat insulation board / pipes, construction, furniture, sports goods. Especially in the automobile industry, the division is refine on according to market increasingly demanding,, with 20 years of accumulated experience, with strong technical development capabilities, and constantly introduce new technology, new technology has reached the world advanced level. According to the different users of the production scale and requirements, we can provide from the simple to the complex, single machine is suitable for the small scale production of economical and practical and fixed processing equipment, complete sets of equipment to meet the high speed, highly automated mass production, the. Taking the automobile industry as an example, the machines and equipment not only can be used for processing car seats, dashboard, steering wheel, ceiling, sound insulation cushion, carpet, door board, sun panels, auto, can also be used for processing the bumper, fender, glass sealing strip external trim. Our equipment with advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing process, high working reliability and high accuracy of repetition is known, by the various sectors of the user's praise. Our users elites, including manufacturing factory, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota automobile famous interior decoration company, such as Johnson, Yanfeng Wei Shitong and the world famous interior manufacture factory, in the refrigerator insulation industry we have Haier, Frestech, snow, Kobe, Kelon, Himin Solar Energy and other famous enterprises users. In twenty years, Kelon Company always persist firmly in the " continuous innovation" company policy, which has maintained a leading position in the fierce competitive environment. Kelon Company to the user's needs as the highest purpose, constantly updated products and technology. High pressure foaming machine and equipment health development is inseparable from the strong " heart " - the mixing head. As China's best mixing head supplier we can provide: from the L type mixing head, up to 4 components of the mixing head for double density cast until the mixing head for the two components of the continuous casting machine and the mixing head, cover and contain everything, have everything that one expects to find, meet a variety of needs. The mixing head Kelon Company with its excellent quality, durable, mixed use simple maintenance and repair cost and many other advantages, by the various sectors of the user's favorite. Equipment of the company provide include: economic type foaming machine series and is applicable to ordinary high-pressure polyurethane foam in a comprehensive, highly automated production of high-grade foaming machine series. We have two components of high pressure foaming machine, three sets of high pressure foaming machine, and for density produced four components of high pressure foaming machine, as well as for the continuous casting of high pressure foaming machine and cyclopentane high pressure foaming machine, continuous production of high temperature high pressure foaming machine. The series of high-pressure mixing head, a gun head, high and low voltage proportional reversing valve, magnetic coupling, electric heat exchanger, self cleaning filter etc.. Metering pump magnetic independently developed by our joint device, has the advantages of reasonable design, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, never leakage. Give users bring enormous benefits, our equipment including metering pump feeding pump and tank stirring device is equipped with this kind of magnetic coupling. Many domestic users include some foaming machine manufacturers are buying this device.

        In recent three years, the main customers:

        Yanfeng Visteon, Shanghai Yanfeng Johnson Controls seating, Shanghai, Henan, Hangzhou Frestech Nate Huari, Qingdao Haier, Qingdao beldon, Hefei Meiling, Qingdao CIMC, Qingdao sainuoke shoes, Qingdao Yida, Yantai Aowei refrigeration, Yantai Wanhua, Linqu Hongtai auto decorative parts, Jiangsu snow, Changzhou crystal snow, Suzhou Samsung, Suzhou sterling, Suzhou fusibo, lotus air-conditioning, Beijing juzhuo, Beijing Huamao, Beijing Jin Heng Sega, Beijing fashion Jardine, Tianjin Hongxu Industry & trade, Tianjin, Zhuhai Fuhai Fuhai, Tangshan Huada, Chongqing Lingda, Heng Hao ( Wuhan ) automotive trim, Changchun Dalian, Dalian is Weber, bend, Wuhu Shunda, Tianjin Shunda Taiyuan Taihang, Nanling Shunda, evergreen automobile safety equipment, North Central University, Jingdezhen Changning foam etc..

        Company's main performance:

        High-pressure mixing head four patents: Z98221177.5, ZL98221923.7, Z98221922.9, ZL00215362.9;
        The main components of 1996 high pressure foaming machine digestion, finished, production machine, has more than 100 domestic sales of high pressure foaming machine, the series of high-pressure mixing head more than 350 Taiwan, overhaul foreign companies mixing head more than 100 Taiwan; overhaul of A2VK series metering pump more than 200 taiwan;
        In 2002 the successful development of the first domestic high pressure foaming machine is put into operation in Beijing;
        In 2003 the successful development of the first domestic double density high pressure foaming machine is put into operation in Nantong;
        In 2005 the first successful development and a series of high pressure foaming machine permanent magnetic coupling;
        In 2006 the successful development of the first domestic high-pressure continuous sweep the hair bubble machine is put into operation in Wuxi;
        2007 April successfully developed the first domestic four components to obtain the density robot operating high pressure foaming machine is put into operation in Nanjing;
        In 2007 July the first high temperature machine running in tianjin.

        Service commitment:

        The one year shelf life, free training, installation, debugging, the user needs to go to the people, to arrive at the scene within 24 hours, import, domestic sufficient spare parts, lifelong service.
        The company has a high pressure foaming machine for nearly 20 years of production experience, has the abundant technical force and strong technology development capabilities, business all over the country, the growing size of the company, we always take the quality as the goal, we will continue to progress, technology and service and creativity into integration, brings together elite, work hard to create more excellent products. We sincerely hope that the broad masses of customers to give us the warm support and encouragement. Will science and technology contribute to society is our ideal. In order to achieve the interests of customers, in order to create a more wonderful life, we will go to all lengths, confidently and you create a bright future.
        Your success is our goal. We see ourselves as your partner and advisor. Through the joint efforts of both sides, we will choose the most reasonable technological process and equipment according to the customer's production requirements. At the same time, we will present our suggestions on the selection of raw materials, product design, the selection of auxiliary equipment, our professional technical staff will provide a complete solution for you.

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        A d d : T e l : 13589761288 13705357418 E-mail :kelongpu@163.com



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